Ciguatera The Fish Borne Illness nobody talks about.

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Ciguatera The Fish Borne Illness nobody talks about.

Post  Admin on Thu Dec 27, 2007 10:00 am

As a victim I felt the need to share this info. I ingested the toxin in a smoked fish dip,at a restaurant, several people ate the dip, I was the only one who got the toxin. After being hospitalized for 5 days, in total misery and 10k later, I then spent hours finding everything I could about the toxin. It is 1,000 times stronger than arsenic It is extremely concentrated from what I have learned there also is an association between post ingestion and chronic fatique syndrome. 95 percent of all CFS patients tested positive for the toxin in the hawaiian study.. Florida/Bahamas is one of the world's endemic areas for the toxin. I later participated in a study with the Univ Of Arizona and tested positive for the toxin some 4 years later.

what to do: don't eat large reef fish, especially in the summer months. and buy the test kit:
for extra safety precaution.

more info: the hawaiian study:

sceintific info and symptoms:


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