Foreign Charter Certificate Regulations & Restrictions

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Foreign Charter Certificate Regulations & Restrictions Empty Foreign Charter Certificate Regulations & Restrictions

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complete document here:$FILE/PortLegalIssues.PDF

In order to operate under these rules the following is stipulated:
∑ submit application- applications available at Department and Departmentís web site
∑ vessel inspection by the Port Department- for vessel inspections please call Mr. Cyril
Roker at (242)322-8832 or fax (242)322-5545
∑ registration of crafts via Port Department- (registration must be valid)
∑ licence of master (licence must be valid)- must produce certificate of competence
∑ liability insurance
∑ proof of ownership
∑ documentation (certificate of registry etc)
Exclamation Operators are also restricted from soliciting business in The Bahamas. All soliciting must
be conducted outside The Bahamas.

All application must be approved by the New
Providence Port Authority- please view section on legal parameters of the New
Providence Port Authority.
Once a vessel is issued with a Foreign Charter Certificate, and the master has a local
licence issued by the New Providence Port Authority, the vessel is registered legally
under the laws of The Bahamas relating to foreign charter vessels. Persons operating
charter services are not required to have work permits. Operators must be reminded
however, that absolutely no soliciting of clientele is permitted in The Bahamas.
Operators should be aware that all information furnished to the authorities in order for the
permitted to be granted must be correct. Operators faced strict penalties if the
information, which is produced, is found to be false.
For further information concerning foreign yacht charters please view the foreign yacht
section of Departmentís web page or called the Port Department (Mr. Cyril Roker or Mrs.
Carmen Kellman) at (242)322-8832.

Legal Requirements for Registration of Pleasure Boats
any boat used within the waters of The Bahamas for the purpose of providing to persons, for reward, the facilities for any recreational activity, under a charter-party negotiated and executed outside The Bahamas and under which charter be passengers for whose benefit the charter was executed embark on the boat outside of The Bahamas:
Provided that-

the master of any such boat shall, upon any entry of such boat into the waters of the Bahamas, apply for the issue of a permit under subsection (2) in respect of the boat and pay at the nearest port to an officer of the Port Authority or the Customs such fee (other than port dues) as may be prescribed; and
any law enforcement officer shall have the right to request the master of any such boat to produce such charter-party and any other information or document in proof of compliance with this subsection; or
any boat engaged in trade with ports outside the Bahamas and while so engaged.

Domestic Investment in the Bahamas
Areas Reserved for Bahamians

The following business areas/sectors have been reserved for Bahamian Nationals only:

Wholesale and Retail Operations
Commission agencies engaged in the import/ export trade
Real estate and domestic property management agencies
Domestic newspapers and magazine publications
Domestic advertising and public relations firms
Nightclubs and restaurants, except specialty, gourmet and ethnic restaurants and restaurants operating in a hotel, resort complex or tourist attraction
Security services
Domestic distribution of building supplies
Construction companies, except for special structures for which international expertise is required
Personal cosmetic/beauty establishments
Shallow-water scale-fish, crustacea, mollusks and sponge-fishing operations
Auto and appliance service operations
Public transportation
Water sport Activities
Bonefish Lodges with 20 rooms or less


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