Bahamas Boat theft Alert 5/5/2008

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Bahamas Boat theft Alert 5/5/2008 Empty Bahamas Boat theft Alert 5/5/2008

Post  Admin on Mon May 05, 2008 11:30 am

Yacht Haven marina, two motoryachts were broken into last night and three undeclared guns stolen, along with video cameras,
clothes, vhf handhelds and a wallet. one boat was broken into whilst the crew were sleeping aboard. One other boat broken into
two nights before.

If you need a alarm system while there. please call us. we have an affordable system that is half the cost of most others and does the same thing.

Please do not bring in undeclared guns as they only make the problem worse and please secure in a hard to find locked place. cyclops .

A black man wearing a beach towel was seen at 4AM in the morning. no one thought to inquire.


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