Intruder Boardings in Nassau Harbor

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Intruder Boardings in Nassau Harbor Empty Intruder Boardings in Nassau Harbor

Post  Kokomo on Wed Mar 19, 2008 3:48 am

At 4AM and we were just boarded, as we slept, by a naked male.

We understand this is not a single incident. We have heard of boardings at the Nassau Harbour Club and the anchorage east of that location - all hearsay was that cash was taken from wallets.

We are anchored just off the Green Parrot / BASRA.

It appears these are becoming more frequent in Nassau and cruisers should probably know for their protection.

We had the door locked and, after hearing noises, put on the cockpit lights and alarm. The intruder dove over the side... The Defense Force was notified and took a report.

Roger & Bonnie
s/v Kokomo


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